How to be content at home, Part two

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As I mentioned in part one, I have been hunkered down for weeks already, and have had some experience in both going bananas-stir-crazy and not doing that. You may find that some of these suggestions work better for you than others. That doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong, that just means you are figuring out your own thing, which is proof of your bespoke qualities as a person. You do you!

Float your boat

Do something you are really good at doing every day OR do an activity you enjoy so much it feels nourishing. Don’t hold it out as a reward. Do it whenever you decide it’s the best time. Some people believe they are at their creative best in the early morning and some are convinced that is insane.

Cook, sing, paint a poem or alphabetize your spices like it’s a competitive sport. Maybe you know that getting a shine on that sink is going to make you feel wonderful. It does nothing for me, but by all means shine away!

Exercise, even just a little bit

At a minimum, I do my own weird stretchy yoga thing and a few body-weight exercises. If you want to dance and don’t care who’s looking, try something like the Fitness Marshall videos. If you do care who’s looking, why do you care? Your body is a miracle and you can wave it around wherever you like.

Practice impeccable grooming

Now, for full disclosure, I must admit that this is a case of “take my advice I’m not using it.” Ever since professional pedicures were eliminated from my budget, I’ve been resenting my toes. It’s not their fault and they deserve to look better.

If you are cooped up with others, this is a chance to practice some comforting monkey business, also of the G-rated kind. Exchange shoulder rubs and manicures, brush each other’s hair, turn off the lights and tell a ghost story.

The other night, I found a doll arm in the dining room. There’s no reason on Earth for there to be a doll, much less doll parts in that room. When I asked your sister, she said she didn’t know anything about it. I went to sleep very disturbed about the possibility of spontaneously manifesting doll arms.

I do not recommend pranks, but your sister pulled off a beauty.

Don’t numb yourself to the weirdness, just let it sit there like an unexplained arm. Ration your booze like someone who cares about their liver would. You do care about your liver don’t you? What if somebody else needs it, huh?


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