How to be content at home, Part one

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After a couple of months, my lifestyle is suddenly all the rage, maybe everywhere. Since I got a head start, I’m going to share some tips on staying content during your mandatory time at home.

Thing one: Get out of bed. Do not sleep in.

If you feel like you don’t have a reason to get out of bed, it’s tempting to just stay there. You do have a reason to get out of bed, and that reason is you. Your sleep may be disrupted, so if you didn’t get your minimum night’s sleep and that extra hour is going to be a  huge help, go right ahead. Just remember that that hour is an hour you are taking away from yourself to give yourself and you may or may not thank yourself later when you are still you. Fight the pull of the blankets and move around and get your heart pumping. The bed will be there later when you need it. Why not be grateful that you have a bed?

I’m not going to tell you that you must make the bed: if it makes you happy to look at a jumble of rumpled comforters, it makes me happy for you.

Thing two: Write or read healthy material with your coffee.

Don’t dive directly into the news and the rumors in the morning. Spend some time getting comfortable with your own thoughts and worries, coax yourself into accepting whatever is going on around you. I am restless and that’s okay. The dog is staring at me and that’s okay. I have a self-defeating urge to look at my phone messages and that’s okay.

Read something funny or something familiar. I know fear is tasty and the adrenaline feels akin to coffee, but you are drinking your coffee with your mouth, don’t drink it with your brain also.

Thing three: Even if you don’t usually plan your time, plan your time.

It doesn’t have to be ambitious or detailed, but just make a few promises to yourself and keep them–early or on schedule. Do a hard yoga pose for extra seconds and then go for a walk. Read for fifteen minutes. Call your mom, and tell her you only have ten minutes, if that’s true. Spot one scam online before lunch, or whatever you most want to accomplish for the day.

When you are home all day long, it’s easy to let time slip. If you do things that soothe you, that’s okay, but don’t get lost in Soothing Land. Leave a trail of breadcrumbs to get back to Building Yourself Land.

You will thank you tomorrow.


Note: The above suggestions do not apply to cats, except for the planning part. Also, do not let any cats give you a hard time if you aren’t doing things the way they think you should.

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