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Originally, askyermom was intended to be a space to answer questions from my kids, so the subject matter is, naturally, all over the place. The format was consistent for several years, but a couple of factors have caused it to veer into other kinds of content.

  • While it would be easy to blame the generation and say millennials can’t read, I suspect it’s just that my millennials won’t read. It is more discouraging than it should be to find they won’t even read the answers I crafted to their individual questions. I give and I give, yadda yadda. It’s a good thing I’m having fun doing it.
  • My kids are beginning to ask fewer questions. It seemed impossible, but now that I am collecting questions they either hoard them, or they ask me when I’ve had too much wine, and then I neglect to make a note of them–the questions, that is.
  • July of 2015, reflecting that there was no reason at all that I shouldn’t try to post on a daily basis for a year, I started doing just that. Weekends and freak-outs were quickly excluded. Then Wednesdays became optional for some reason. Even so, I managed to hold fast and was able to say that I posted more days than I didn’t post for a year. It is more discipline than is required to keep a pet snake!!
  • Suggestions are taken seriously. When someone asks for biographical bits, I write them. The comics? Same thing, and totally what I deserve for scrawling cartoons while inebriated.
  • Then I wrote a novel. As long as I was writing every day, why not do the hardest thing I could think of? Contemporary? Of course not! Let’s learn all about gas lights,  carriages, Victorian humor and burials.
  • Then I decided to write a sequel to that novel while writing a non-fiction guide on how to not parent humans. Bad idea! Don’t ever kid yourself that you will write two completely different books at the same time, or maybe do that until you learn your lesson on priorities. Again.

In the end, this blog is probably a very rocky road map to the place known as my brain. I’m sorry. Nobody is making you read it, are they?

If you are reading of your own free will and enjoy it, feel free with all that free will to buy a book, even one of mine.

Artists feed a lot of pirates, isn’t it time they feed us back? arrrrgh

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