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Originally, askyermom was intended to be a space to answer questions from my kids, so the subject matter is, naturally, all over the place. The format was consistent for several years, but a couple of factors have caused it to veer into other kinds of content.

  1. While it would be easy to blame the generation and say millenials can’t read, I suspect it’s just that my millenials won’t read. It is more discouraging than it should be to find that they won’t even read the answers that I crafted to their individual questions. I give and I give, yadda yadda. Never mind–I’m having fun doing it.
  2. My kids are beginning to ask fewer questions. It seemed impossible, but now that I am collecting questions they either hoard them or ask me when I’ve had too much wine and neglect to make a note of them–the questions, that is.
  3. Last July, reflecting that there was no reason at all that I shouldn’t try to post on a daily basis for a year, I started doing just that. Weekends and freak-outs were quickly excluded. Then Wednesdays became optional for some reason. Even so, I have managed to hold fast to being able to say that I post more days than I don’t post for most of one year. It is more discipline than is required to keep a pet snake!!
  4. Suggestions are taken seriously. When someone asks for biographical bits, I’ll do it. The comics? Same thing, and totally what I deserve for scrawling cartoons while inebriated.

The original inspiration for this blog was fine for the occasional post or even a weekly post. Sometime in July of 2016 it may be that askyermom is back to simply questions and answers again. Or not!!


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