askyermom actually

askyermom is probably not written by your mom. 

If your mom wrote this, she would probably be nagging you to read it. I’m pretty sure.

The main reason I keep coming back to add to this journal is that (for some reason) my six children need to hear things I have already said seven million times. I am pretty tired of talking, but I still love to nest in a quiet corner and write about the things I’m weary of explaining to them out loud.

In this way, I can print a page about how to mail a letter or how to quit smoking and fold it into a paper airplane and silently weigh in on any number of situations. Also, in this way, I cannot be interrupted. The looks I get when I say, “I blogged that,” make it all worthwhile.

I have been journaling to irritate and educate my kids for over twenty years and have occasionally received actual U.S. dollars for words. (As a novelist and, well, once, in Salon).

Nearly all the questions here are actual kid questions. Some answers are very thoughtfully and painstakingly researched and others are something else.

Anyone can send in a question, just comment or email it to and then cook your own dinner.


10 Replies to “About”

  1. I took the time to look through your blog as well since you looked at mine haha. Everything looks great! I love the cute little doodles haha. You’re very comical and engaging. I really liked reading your About page because of it haha. You have a wonderful blog and I encourage you to keep it up 🙂

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