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askyermom is probably not written by your mom. 

If your mom wrote this, she would probably be nagging you to read it. I’m pretty sure.

The main reason I keep coming back to add to this journal is that (for some reason) my six children need to hear things I have already said seven million times. I am pretty tired of talking, but I still love to nest in a quiet corner and write about the things I’m weary of explaining to them out loud.

In this way, I can print a page about how to mail a letter or how to quit smoking and fold it into a paper airplane and silently weigh in on any number of situations. Also, in this way, I cannot be interrupted. The looks I get when I say, “I blogged that,” make it all worthwhile.

I have been creating journals to irritate and educate my kids for over twenty years and have occasionally received actual U.S. dollars for words, as a novelist and, for instance, that one time in Salon. The word count of my free material here is excessive, (search a topic and you will probably find something) but it’s not as sloppy as the unedited musings on my lesbian chicken soap opera that I did not actually write. Yet.

Nearly all the questions here are actual kid questions. Some answers are very thoughtfully and painstakingly researched and others are something else.

I am an ardent believer in the goodness of human nature and that humans must also be good to nature. I believe we can only live a good life by the bravest and most relentless force of our kindness. Additionally, I firmly believe that if you cannot be good,  you had better be funny.

Anyone can send in a question, just comment or email it to mom@askyermom.com and then cook your own dinner.

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10 Replies to “About”

  1. I took the time to look through your blog as well since you looked at mine haha. Everything looks great! I love the cute little doodles haha. You’re very comical and engaging. I really liked reading your About page because of it haha. You have a wonderful blog and I encourage you to keep it up 🙂

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