Retread Thursday: End of the World? All the time!!

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Crazy talk: Last night I kept thinking that somehow the collision of insane American politics and Oprah making millions just by saying that bread is delicious are actual portends of the end of the Earth. The train of thought was completely nuts and fueled by half-sleep, but I was captivated by the idea that these two things demonstrate that humans really are a large scale bacterial colony of doom.

Anyhoo, we’re still here and I’m still posting stuff from 2008 on Thursdays, for some reason.

The link for the old Earth-swallowing-black-hole-created-by-the-Hadron-Supercollider article was broken, but–alarmingly–there’s a whole new batch of much more recent articles that say essentially the same thing.

Eat bread while you can, my little wigglers!!

Why did you tell us the end of the world was predicted? I couldn’t get to sleep!!

thomashawk on flickr cc
thomashawk on flickr cc

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