Falling down a lot? Dunno. It’s not like you are running away from a monster/killer/zombie in a horror movie. At least not all the time.

If you were in a horror movie, aside from running you should also avoid casual sex, precarious ledges, roller coasters and dark stairs. Just mentioning.

Are you texting when this happens? Apparently eights of people die every year from texting while walking. People have walked off of cliffs even. It isn’t clear if that allows enough time to text “AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaa!!” to complete their conversation, but I sure hope so.

Are other people looking at you when this falling down stuff happens? You have had a selective kind of clumsiness for many years, ya know. Something about the little bit of extra psychic weight of having eyes on you would cause you to wobble and nearly fall when you were in kindergarten.

This could be that. Tell everyone to close their eyes and see if that helps.

At least you’re not experiencing Fear of Falling. Oh wait. We all have that.

You’re welcome!!

One Reply to “Why do I fall down so much?”

  1. Ha. I realize this is an old post, but I fall down a lot. While walking. Or standing. Or getting in and out of things. My knees look like those of an 8 year-old.

    Sometimes you just have to stand back up, dust your behind off and keep walking like it never happened:)

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