Holy moly. I don’t usually recommend anything I am reading or watching or whatever, but I have been abducted and mesmerized by the thing I just watched on Netflix.

I don’t remember what it’s called, oh wait, it’s the guy’s name: Strunk? No, that’s not it. If his name was Dr. Strunk, it would be Strunk, but it’s not because I already forgot.

Anyhoo, even if you dislike Jonah Hill and psychiatry and comedy, I will still recommend this film.

I was so excited by how helpful and adorable the whole thing was I’m ready to go back and watch it again with notepad in hand.

See, part of the disadvantage of having Sobering Brain is also the advantage of it. The process of cleaning up your brain is great, except it’s also not great because it means there’s this jumble of thoughts at all times competing for even more limited attention from your tippy top brain. This is why I went on a two hour drive today for no reason at all when I have a perfectly good reason to take an hour drive tomorrow morning, which I may forget to do because… SOBRIETY!!

The psychiatrist, who may or may not be an actual psychiatrist, in the show I was talking about before I so rudely interrupted myself, that’s who I’m talking about now, not my psychiatrist, since I don’t have one. Yet!! That guy said that we all have a Thing X that is getting in our way. He didn’t call it Thing X, but Agent X? Project X? It honestly doesn’t matter at all except that it will bug me until I go back and check. Anyhoo, we have this obstacle that we create naturally that says things are too hard or out of reach, so why bother? Think X is like the devil on your shoulder, except it doesn’t encourage you to do anything but stops you from helpful actions.

Should Thing X have kept me from writing about it? Probably!!

Did it anyway, because I needed to recommend the thing.. titled “Stutz”!!

Here’s a link that gets to the meat of it: https://www.netflix.com/tudum/articles/stutz-the-tools

Just watch it and then dive into your Grateful Flow!!



Lollypop Station

My house has never been this clean and it’s still experiencing a blizzard of dog hair. Do we mind? Nope. We are not minding a bit.


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