Cat Attack and Etiquette

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She is still a danger machine, but she hasn’t drawn blood in a few months…


Since I was given my first cat at age seven, I have fancied myself an expert-in-training in regard to felines. I have had bad cats, not all of them male, and really extraordinarily loving cats, all of them female.

Cat people are strange, but they are strange in as many different ways as the cats themselves. When we lived next door to a serial killer, we learned first that he was a cat fan, and it’s possible that he only doted on cats for cover, but it’s more likely that he just loved cats. Cats are big time serial killers, and if they don’t express it, it’s only because they lack opportunity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them in all the ways I can’t love dogs and vice versa. What?

Anyway, it came as a total surprise when Boo, the Maine Coon, attacked me.

She has been very needy…

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