Story time from the Askyermom Vault: Kitty

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[This story is from 1997 about something that happened in 1991 and is entirely true.]

Today I drove past the Wonderful Smiths’ house and noticed that it is vacant. Not just vacant, but abandoned. Where have they gone? Were they ever really there?
The reason I will always think of them as the Wonderful Smiths is that I had one of the most enormous luck wallops of my life in their back yard, and I give them all the credit. 
At the time all I gave them was an expensive bouquet of flowers, because they were the sort of people that would just love that sort of thing. The only time I met them and their back yard I imagined that they had lots of grandchildren who adored visiting there.
To explain what happened in their back yard, I’ll have to start writing about cats. The…

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