Truth or Blarney: 19th Century People Poisoned themselves More Than We Do

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Sad to say the Oxycontin show I put on last night is a little trite with their musical score, but otherwise doing a B+ job of telling a tremendous poisoning yarn. I would recommend it if I could remember the title. Buh.


There’s definitely a sense that modern life is more poisonous than the past. Remember when we worried about plastic more than pandemics? It seems a little… quaint. Hidden poison is a common worry for people who are training to be professional worriers, and I would not expect the worry about poison to ever go away. It’s just so stylish in any time period.

So while we might poison ourselves differently, do we do it less? Overall, we probably do, when you consider it on a per-person basis. However, being that there are so many more people to ingest just a touch of poison, there’s really no fair means of comparison, I bet. It’s all apples and arsenic, after all.

Recently, I speculated with my sister on my own poisoning–I think my main source of brain damage is still childhood lead poisoning. Alcohol is vying for the top spot, but I…

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