What can I say when someone presents an opinion as fact?

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When dubious facts attack…


I’m going to assume that you disagree with their opinion in this example, because if you agreed, all you would need to say is, “I agree with your opinion,” and consider the schooling complete.

If you want to have an argument, they are giving you a gift. Most of the time, you cannot argue with a belief effectively, but you can argue with facts all day.

Do not immediately invoke google. That’s just rude and can aggravate a small argument into a much bigger war.

Instead, first ask yourself if you want to argue about it. Do you need to be right about the capital of Antarctica more than you need to have a peaceful visit with your friend? Do you want to stay friends? Do you want to stay friends with a person who insists that there’s a capital, as if the penguins would even let us know…

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