Is it time for a family vacation?

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You may be hearing the rumblings of planning for family vacations. People are antsy to pack up and get the kids to the beach, or lose them in the rapids. Do not be fooled.

I mean, it’s fine if you want to expand your torture after the long, dark Covid Spring, but remember family vacations are not a vacation for parents. Nobody told me that, and because family vacations were incredibly rare when I was a spud, I had to learn this one the hard way. The parent who cooks and cleans and supervises will not get rest and relaxation on a kid-infested voyage.

If you are ready to swim in the germ soup–remember it’s there and–do something without the kids if you want to get a real break.

Don’t be all aggravated when you get back home, poorer and tireder than before. I warned you, with love.


I am on a surprise hiatus from the longer blogging blurts, but I’ll be back WITH A BOOK before you know it!!

Kibble and kitty litter fund, LLC

The cat gets plenty to eat these days, even the things she should never eat, like tape and ribbon.



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