Contentment workout, Part Eight of Home Coping

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This is the easiest workout imaginable, however, if  you cannot get back up off the floor, do not get down on the floor. You understand how our common enemy, gravity, really works.

There are two steps, possibly two and a half, if you do the whole thing. Repeat until you feel better, so this could take a while if you are really in the dark zone. It’s fine. You can do this.

Step one: Lie down on the floor, some place with a rug or a mat or a flat patch of grass, inside or outside. If you have pets, brace yourself, they are going to inspect and judge you. Do not let their opinions prevent you from really soaking in the experience. They can do their own perfect yoga somewhere else.

Keep your arms stretched out from your sides, in contact with the ground, and your legs relaxed (and not touching each other any more than necessary when you relax), let your back cuddle up to the floor as much as it will without effort. Your body should form a comfortable T shape. In this position, you are like a person getting ready to hug the ceiling (or the sky!).

Step one point five: flex and point your toes, while keeping your spine relaxed. Your whole body should rock gently. You will know if your back is truly relaxed if your head begins to nod. Yes, yes, yes.

Step two: While rocking or while resting, think about the best future.

We all get clutched with worry about the immediate future or the worst case scenario, but for this workout, I want you to think about a best case scenario. Dress it up and give it details. If you want to imagine being at a concert with all your favorite people in the world, who’s performing? If you want to see all your students hugging and playing together at a picnic, is it sunny? Are there dogs there? Tons of grandmothers? If you want to be back to work and thriving, what are you wearing? Are you still in pajamas?

Smell the future! Give yourself a brain vacation, and if you can’t get there, just resume the rocking for a while and try again in a bit.

Some people are telling me the situation isn’t that bad. It can be bad and also not bad at the same time. There’s no circumstance where everyone is suffering all the time, likewise the reverse. I recommend checking in on the flip side to keep your balance.

I’m getting up early some days and other days namaste in bed.


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