What happens if I don’t remove my makeup?

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You know, like most habits, if you do it more often than not, it’s still a habit. If you don’t remove your makeup, the only sure side effect is a grimy pillow with a side of shame.

I have test-driven this one pretty thoroughly for you, and I must say if you have to skip something at bed time, you are better off skipping the face wash than the tooth care. Your skin is more forgiving than your gums, but you can only push it too far before your skin pushes back.

If you find that some makeup irritates your skin, quit using it. That stuff would be double-bad to sleep in, anyway. You’re smart, you understand things!

The Dermatology Association recommends washing your face at bedtime with a mild cleanser using only your fingers. They don’t get more specific than that; they don’t specify which fingers or what type of soap. You probably don’t have to use all your fingers, and you really don’t have to spend extra money on certified safe baby goat tears to wash your face.

When it comes to choosing soap, bar soaps are cheaper, and fewer ingredients mean there are fewer things to drive your skin bonkers. Some bar soaps are more than $100, but you can snag a nice simple face soap for less than $5. If you believe in the skin type stuff, fine, here’s a link for that.

Be careful about the products you put on your face, because that stuff is going to be near your eyes and nose, which are also on your face, usually. Even potions that are highly endorsed by trusted sources can cause problems.

This reminds me of the night I woke, bothered by a eerily familiar burning smell. I wandered around to make sure nothing was actually on fire and very nearly woke someone up to smell it with me. It turned out, I was only smelling my own rarely-used face tonic. Why I could not smell it in the kitchen is a mystery. Maybe, in panic, I was moving too fast for the smell of my own face?

Even if you go sans fard you should wash up before bed in order to keep your bed free of the grime you have collected in the larger world. That is true even if the larger world is only your own living room.

Even if it itches or breaks out, seemingly only to taunt you, your skin does an amazing job of keeping things on the outside of your body. Show it you care!


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