[Update: MAYBE. Check and make sure you’re delivery folks aren’t striking or being mistreated first.]


While it depends where you live, a surprising number of businesses have free or cheap delivery.

It took me a little while to embrace this possibility, since running to the grocery store was one of my hobbies, true for many old ladies around the world, I’m sure.

Before the virus, I knew that I could get ice cream delivered, as well as liquor, but I had never tested all the services. We had only had restaurant deliveries, and the plethora of pizza wasn’t encouraging.

Mail order was a big help, but local delivery can be amazing. Some grocery deliveries are too good a deal to ignore, once you quit toddling over to your local market at all. Pharmacy? Yep. Liquor store? Success!

Tipping feels like a public service, so do that too!

Having packages come into your home may feel a little risky, but it’s safer than going out and personally handling all that jazz in a store. Your bank card can stay in your wallet for the whole thing, too.

If you are not 100% sure that your carriers aren’t carriers, just wipe things down and wash your hands. You were doing that anyway.

So what’s the best liquor to have with ice cream? Shall we flambé something?


Waddaya think?

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