Movie Recommendation: EMMA.

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We had plans to go into the city to see EMMA last Sunday, but due to some Shennigans Everywhere we didn’t go. I’m not sure exactly when the theater closed, but they are all closed around here now.

In order to entertain the housebound and make a buck despite the interrupted run, EMMA is available on demand already.

If you enjoy 19th century anything, just go ahead and watch it. Bill Nighy flounces and other things happen, and it is a delight from start to finish.

When was the last time you watched a romance brew on screen and really believed it? I don’t know, I’m asking you!

The screen writing and chemistry between the entire ensemble is fabulous and the costumes are exquisite and there are flashes of nudity for the nudity fans.

The cast is entirely white, if you accept that Bill Nighy is entirely white, of course. Personally, I prefer more diversity, even in my Austen, but I can understand if a new director shies away from dipping into the deep end of the Austen fan pool. They are relentless, I hear.

It’s entirely appropriate for all audiences who are not bothered by the sight of tastefully lit butts. Zero violence, only a hint of pet damage and exactly one drop of blood are presented.

Just watch it and enjoy!!


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