What should I do when I have a car accident? (A tiny car accident)

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Don’t you hate those phone calls that announce a collision? Everybody’s fine–I’ll just set another Thursday on fire. Be safe, kids!!


Most people have no idea what to do when they find themselves in a fender bender. One of my favorite examples was driving with your brother when someone rear-ended us at a stop light. “Did that just happen?” he asked, with a very normal semi-stunned reaction.

ap-photoWhen that nice lady decided to crunch her way into my lane and crumbled my new car last year, I believe my exact words were “You are fucking kidding me!!” That is a bit more eloquent, but the same kind of duh-denial as your brother’s.

So the first thing to keep in mind is that the participants in even a small wreck are likely to be a little bit in shock. Aside from saying silly things, they may wander around–see yesterday’s story–or they may insist on staying in place until the police arrive.

Trust me, the police are not interested in doing a forensic…

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