What are your pointers for a college freshman?

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It’s time to bump this one again. GO BE FRESH, MY FRESHMEN!!


For this question, I’m not qualified to answer, so I asked your siblings.

My freshman year of college was a disaster mostly because I was sick, but also because I wasn’t ready or willing to make the most of the situation. My immediate family either took forever to finish school or got married and then took forever to finish school or just never quite got around to getting a degree because of art or the art of laziness, which is still an art, dontchaknow.

piekehok on flickr piekehok on flickr

This list is ranked by most vehemently suggested or most often suggested down to the one suggestion that is so obvious it’s utterly silly to include in the list.

These are their pointers to you and the pointers they wish they had taken to heart before they were freshmen themselves. Your sibs were eager to help because they are adorable.

  1. Take notes and…

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