You will fail.

It’s fine. Really. Anyone who has not failed isn’t trying to do anything and in that sense, they are failing to fully explore their failure possibilities.

Get out there and fail, y’all!!

Failure isn’t all bad, in fact it’s pretty good when the goals are bad. Imagine how many people are failing to become complete garbage right now. They are taking care of themselves, and hurting no one else and keeping rescue pups alive. Maybe they did something shady, like they stole a banana and pretended it was their banana they just happened to bring into the store. Later, they realized that the guilt of the purloined banana wasn’t worth it and they vowed to provide bananas to others in need. And that is, possibly, the story behind the founding of Banana in a Box.

Bananas aside, remember: if you stare too long at success, you will miss it. It burns your eyeballs like the sun and, well, just don’t do that, okay? Imagine the success of your endeavor, but plan for the many flavors of failure too. Thinking about failure is a bummer, but not thinking about it and having it smack you in the face like a stolen banana is worse.

Keep trying things, and above all try to enjoy the effort episodes. Those effort episodes are the bits and pieces that make up the quilt of your life. Successes are the occasional shiny bit on your quilt that may itch if you aren’t careful.

Don’t give yourself a success rash.

Whatever you do, most successes of your life will be unexpected. Opportunity is that way, but don’t let it aggravate you. Possibly the very best strategy is to do what you can to be ready for opportunities and recognize them when they appear. They may even look like failures of some kind, but don’t be fooled.

I failed at contraception and here you all are!! The greatest failures of my life.


Help buy mom a glass of wine

She needs it. You know she does.




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