Whaddayaknow? (from the memory box)

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We survived until Spring!! Please allow me to celebrate by merely repeating a post I have been thinking about!!


When I left he would say, “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”


Growing up, I had two very different grandfathers. Having gotten to know them, I’m glad I had the opportunity to know all of my grandparents. Even if they’re not friendly with each other, it can be pretty interesting to have most of your ancestors in the same area.

Both of my grandfathers had served in U.S. Navy during the war (I thought they were saying “War-War Two,” as if it was so bad it was like Double War). Neither of them had been directly involved in any combat, since one was a mailman and the other was a weather man.


Even without being in any battles, my mailman grandfather saw some horrible things and he came home just a bit scarred. He didn’t like to leave home much and hated to run out of ice, among other after-effects. Upon reflection, it’s impossible to know if he was hurt most by the war or by the postal…

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