Was there a popular operetta about Robin Hood in the 1890s?

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Why yes, I’m so glad you asked!! (Nobody asked!!)

In my novel, I mention the Sheriff of Nottingham song a couple of times, because it’s very funny and even if nobody else knows about it anymore, it was fun for regular folks back then. The entire number consists of the Sheriff literally singing his own praises and encouraging the ensemble to “bow low.”

While working on my latest novel, and the next one, I listened to a lot of period music to try to think like a regular 19th century person just a bit more. I’ve developed an appreciation for some American composers who are little-known today. Why should Mozart get all the historical love? I mean, yeah, he’s the greatest, but there are also some more recent western composers who were making beautiful music and were not always being men.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that the enduring popularity of the legends of Robin Hood is due to De Koven and Smith’s little opera, but their little ditties didn’t hurt.

Why do people keep churning out re-interpretations of stories, anyhow? Why would anybody want to make yet another Robin Hood movie? I hear there’s one coming out any minute. Will it be good? Who cares!! It’s Robin Goddamn Hood. It doesn’t have to be good!! Ask Kevin Wassisname. He knows.

Here’s a good rundown of all the various Robins Hood: https://www.theguardian.com/film/gallery/2010/..

just breakin from being robin

Further, further reading:


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