“This Old Patriot Stood His Ground” — “Your Dying Charlotte”

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In 1864, George Blessing, “Hero of Highland,” bravely battled Confederate raiders on his farm near Wolfsville, Frederick County, Maryland, but the real man and his deeds became almost unrecognizable in popular retellings.

via “This Old Patriot Stood His Ground” — “Your Dying Charlotte”

2 Replies to ““This Old Patriot Stood His Ground” — “Your Dying Charlotte””

  1. Love this site(s?)! “Your Dying Charlotte” is a magnificent title, could even be a band name. I wish I had more info on the Harkins’ stories during the rebellion, I saw mention of a collateral relative who took her children over the mountains to Georgia, I presume to avoid a Cold Mountain type situation; I love to know about that.. Herschel told me about a relative who was killed in a local battle, and the hogs found him before the family could get to him. I couldn’t find a dead Harkins in the records they had in Asheville (Pack Library), though. I think you’ve already been read in on the Charles Gardner’s Civil War story. More Confederate records from Missouri (where Papa Charles served) are available now than when I’d inquired.

    [removed personal bits]

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    1. “Your Dying Charlotte” absolutely made my day. I slog around blogs every week and rarely find anything so marvelous!! She’s writing a book also and her research seems very solid and properly done, especially compared to mine.
      I have to ask–did the hogs eat him? That could be folklore to keep the kids out of the hog pen, if they had one. I remember being puzzled by that scene in “The Wizard of Oz” when everyone is terrified of falling into the hog pen, and as a kid I assumed they were afraid of getting muddy. Ha!! Fear of pigs needs renewal every now and then.
      I’ll email you on the other stuff. XOXOXO


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