Should I worry about the cat’s barfing?

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I’m sorry. Nothing is more revolting or more expected than cat barf. I once had a cat vomit with so much violence, she threw herself down the stairs. She was fine and your cat will be too, I bet.

If you change their food, cats may vomit just to acknowledge that they noticed it’s not the same old kibble. Communication is hard.

If you move them or their gear around the house, they may stage a puke parade to celebrate the new arrangement. It’s just the way of cats.

We can’t always make changes as seamlessly and gently as felines expect. My theory is that they become dizzy and dazed by some disruptions that humans cannot detect. Is the food dish too far to the left? Barfing to the right seems like a reasonable reaction if you think about it, cat-wise.

Your cat may be gorging on the new food because it’s super delicious. Try giving her only a sprinkling of food at a feeding for a day or two. Tell her the food is not that great.

I’m sorry to include this, but if she’s vomiting up other items, they may be the problem. If it’s grass or glitter or Legos, you know what kind of keep-away to do.

As long as she seems healthy otherwise and is her regular level of aloof and stinky, she should be fine. If she becomes more or less aloof and stinky, a visit to the veterinarian is probably a good idea.

Try not to worry too much. It’s hard work, taking care of a creature that can’t tell you what’s on its mind. Babies are much worse.


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