How can I be sure this chicken is safe to eat?

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Ask it. If it answers in the affirmative, be very suspicious.

Meat is not as tricky as some people would lead you to believe. If you keep raw food separate from cooked food, wash everything and cook tricky foods up to temperature, it should be fine.  Salmonellosis is nasty, but salmonella is just a bacteria. Your stomach can deal with a little bacteria all day long–it’s giving bacteria the opportunity to breed and bomb your digestive tract that’s the worry.

You have the marvelous advantage of technology if you are reading this, so search for guidelines. The USDA has pretty good advice on meat.

Sadly, I was raised by people who were both afraid of and loved food. My grandfather would not buy a dented can for fear of botulism. I wonder sometimes if he had a chance to learn that honey could contain botulism before he died of something completely different.

He remembered a time when you could die from consuming something that was mishandled and/or poorly understood. People who fear chemicals in their foods are echoing the kind of anxiety that factory food has instilled in people for several generations now. Margarine was the shit, until it wasn’t. Fat was bad, fat is good.

Food has fashion and so does fear.

Remember, you have instincts that protect you from eating spoiled food. If it smells bad, looks bad or tastes bad, don’t ignore your revulsion. Sometimes revulsion is good for you and sometimes being polite and eating something dodgy is bad for you.

Don’t fear the chicken, but maybe don’t eat too much of it. When you see a chicken in the wild, thank it for giving us all the gift of historically large boobs.

Maybe the chicken we eat isn’t responsible for all these boobs, and my theory is crap, but thank the chickens anyway. They can use the love.

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