Truth or Blarney: Other Infamous Tea Parties

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In my novel, there is mention of a local Maryland tea party, like the one in Boston.

Did people in ports other than Boston destroy tea in a big public tantrum? Place your bets now if you don’t know the answer already.

All U.S. school children are taught that the American rebels dumped huge quantities of tea into Boston harbor to protest tax hikes by the tyrannical British government.

Like most historical headlines, it’s not that simple. Some of us might assume that those colonists were just bonkers for tea and having lost their senses were shrieking, “Give me representation or give me something else!”

It seems possible that people without access to good dentistry could get lathered up about anything at all.  Whatever their real reasons–it was a huge message. Imagine today if everyone that had one threw their smart phones in the nearest body of water at the same time. That would certainly shock all sorts of enormous companies, wouldn’t it?

Truth: Ports from Maine to South Carolina planned and staged tea parties. My imaginary town may have participated, there’s no reason they would not have pitched a fit along with all the others.

Further reading for your edification and appreciation that tarring and feathering went out of style:

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