Hey kids!! Regardless of how many times I have posted about it, today is the only time it will be the first day my first novel is slipping out to e-readers!!

I will update here as we verify that the links are working. (Some kids have alerted me that not all the links work for everyone).

Update: Libraries can order my ebook for free, you can request it by email or at your branch if that’s their preference. It’s listed in Overdrive and all the other library check-out services now.

Update: The print edition is on sale now for US$14.99. Check for giveaways here or just plonk down some cash for your copy right now: here!!

If you run into any problems or have any questions or complaints, please post them here.

The link to the money river will go up last 😉

Apple Books (read on any IOS device): Apple Book link

Barnes and Noble (nook readers): B&N link

Kobo (and device that uses the Kobo app): Kobo link

Smashwords (multiple formats, requires free sign up): Smashwords link

Amazon (you know what to do): Amazon preview link

Update: More print retailer links!!  Amazon.co.uk | IndieBound  | BetterWorldBooks | Alibris

Happy reading, kids!!


2 Replies to “Happy Book Day!!”

  1. Congratulations. It will be on my kindle as soon as I figure out what I did with it and assuming it still works. Kindles don’t insulate walls nearly as well as paper books, they also don’t smell or go yellow.

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