When was the last time you used sines or cosines?

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I’m not sure, but I do use tangents conversationally all the time.

The last time I used sine or cosine was probably in college, because i had to. I’m sorry. You probably wanted a better answer. Something that would give you hope about all the trig that is getting crammed into your noggin.

I don’t really remember exactly what sine and cosine do. It’s something that leads down the slippery slope to logarithms, isn’t it? I do remember slaving away with log this and log that before ever having anyone explain properly what the big idea was.

Having the big idea is important, and in this case the biggest idea is that thinking from an alien perspective is really good for your brain. Brain work will make your brain stronger and there is no downside to that.

Sure, smart people can think up more trouble, but I firmly believe that the smartest people cannot think up more trouble than they can think themselves out of again.

I am not more than a hobbyist neurologist, but I am a brain owner–allegedly. There are all sorts of models of how our brains work and even if they don’t all agree, they could all have plenty of truth to them. Think about that for a minute. I’ll wait right here.

It seems entirely plausible that the more your brain cells work and talk to each other the more relationships they form. If they are a healthy community that has parties and builds barns together and bitches about learning math together, they will have the foundation they need to collaborate to solve emergencies later, like a vital chemistry assignment.

Sure, in this scenario, your brain cells are somewhat Amish. Why not? Amish people are some of the happiest people on earth.

If your brain is Amish, that’s all the more reason to behave yourself and treat it right. So don’t do drugs, do math. Do math in another language!! Push your happy little cell pals to invent dungeons full of math!! You’ll be out of the dungeon in no time!!


Waddaya think?

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