Why did you write on Medium? Are you leaving us?

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No, no. I will never leave this blog again. I’m sorry. It got dark in here for a little while, but I’m here to stay.

The story on Medium is an experiment. For science!! Or eyeballs!! Or both!!

If you want to read today’s blather, it’s right here: Three A.M. Genius.

Let me know if it doesn’t work or if it bugs you for money.


6 Replies to “Why did you write on Medium? Are you leaving us?”

      1. I was rather disappointed with its ability to pick up any sounds. But still useful as a bedside memo taker? I know most phones do that but you have to navigate to it and then some other notification will distract you and you might as well get up by then.


      2. The light is supposedly disruptive to sleepy triggers or something. I pretty much sleep regardless of screens or light, but when I don’t sleep it doesn’t seem to matter what I do. I just avoid lights in a superstitious, hopeful way.


      3. I always sleep with my iPad in my face. Sometimes it falls and hits my eyebrow arch very painfully. But I read on it, or lately I have found there are a ton of YouTube story tellers and they put me right the hell to sleep.

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