Bogus Accidental Cremation Story

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So, your sister was surprised that I knew immediately that that accidental cremation story was bogus.

It’s not hard to hesitate to believe something that is so far-fetched, in fact, I recommend it. I mean, if someone told you they had destroyed the moon, would you immediately look up to check or would you scoff first and then tell them to prove it? I mean, destroying the moon would be hard, so they should easily be able to handle a little task like proving they did it.

I must admit that I have a tiny edge when it comes to funeral stuff these days. Doing research on how people handle dead bodies is mildly unpleasant and it has a tendency to stay with you, like a sick cat.

It would be impossible for a person who routinely handled dead people to make this mistake. Only the very freshest dead body would resemble a napping coworker. The person moving the body would notice that the body was warm, which would be almost as much of a surprise as recognizing that it was also Steve, their non-dead coworker.

Stay skeptical, kids!!



4 Replies to “Bogus Accidental Cremation Story”

  1. Ha! I remember that. It really doesn’t take much research to debunk some of the shite that flows freely online.
    I got a smackdown by pointing out the ‘egg on the windshield/windscreen means gang members are waiting to rape/rob/kill you was posted by some dude in India. Shared by a guy in Ireland because it said “the police say to watch out!!!!” Yeah, no. They don’t. But holy shit his mammy and his wife went OFF on me for pointing it out! Allrightythen, you morons enjoy your fear filled lives.

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