I’m not sure if I will make it to 100 rejections before I just go ahead and publish myself. Finding people to pitch to is a difficult sifting process and sending out queries is something like dancing with stinging nettles.

This was a nice rejection, but it was a little defensive. When you tell someone that you don’t like their project, it is not necessary to go on to say that you have given it your utmost attention in deciding that you don’t like it.

Thanks for your query.

As to your material I’m afraid I will be passing — I’m just not drawn strongly enough to the concept of your story to feel that I’d be the right agent for the project. I realize it is difficult to make an assessment from a query; nevertheless please know that I give serious attention to every letter, outline, and writing sample I receive.

Sorry I couldn’t give you a more positive reply. Thanks for thinking of me, though, and best of luck in your search for representation.


Some Agent

I like to have something to offer people when I tell them I can’t help them. It would have been nice if the agent could have thrown in some tiny tidbit of feedback, like, “I just hate Victorians.”

Anyhow, this is excellent rejection practice. It’s important to accept rejection on the surface, but only absorb as much of it as you need to do better in the future. If you go soaking in rejection, you’re just looking for pity. Instead, just wring yourself out and make something new.

This makes a good start to my collection, anyhow.

Only 99 to go!!

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