Yer dad was very upset about all the “me too”s of the past couple of days. It seemed to me that everyone who was using social media was upset about it too.

That is the point.

He said that it doesn’t accomplish anything and that people should do something if they want to change something. He’s not wrong, of course. Nothing will change with “thoughts and prayers” either, but that’s a ritual of social media too.

He was upset that every woman he has ever known that is on Facebook had a “me too.”

That is the point.

It’s a fact of our culture, (and most others, I guess) that women can expect to be preyed upon. It’s upsetting because it should be upsetting.

No one can fix a problem that they don’t see. Men need to see the reality that women see. Good men in particular need to tune in. Good men who don’t prey upon vulnerable people need to see that there are men who do it so routinely that they create a huge legacy of pain.

It’s not new, but the openness is new. Let’s all do better and be better.


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