Why are some people so upset about the U.S. election results?

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[If you are one of the upset people, this still might help you, too.]

Apparently, there has been a national schism (or three) that has grown much worse than almost anyone really appreciated.

It’s not difficult to imagine that there are fringe people who believe all sorts of terrible or silly things. The America we know was founded by people who believed in religious freedom more than they believed in soap.

While we’re almost comfortable with the awareness that there are other views nearby, most of the time, we are not truly embracing that reality.

It’s always scary to wake up and learn that something “impossible” has happened. It’s even more disturbing to discover that some group that you considered “fringe” is more accurately described as “the majority.”

No one should panic yet. My Trump focus group has helped me understand that a vote for Trump is not, as some young folks fear, a vote for misogyny or xenophobia or Apocalypse.

People have been voting against the status quo routinely for centuries here; well, men have anyhow.

In that way, a vote against Hillary Clinton wasn’t necessarily an anti-female vote, but very definitely a “No Thanks, Democrats” statement.

As I recall, any time the economy is bad or stagnant, the voters tend to flip parties. So this election result, even though seemingly impossible to so many, was quite probable all along. America hasn’t been feeling all that great.

It’s realistic to be upset in upsetting times and everyone has been upset at some point during this slog of an election.

Some people are worried about the Supreme Court, the Constitution, even the trajectory of the whole Federal Government.

Just try to remember that above all, Trump wants to look good. Ruining America would not make him look good.

Get some sleep.


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