Lady Problems and Baby-makers question

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I love the Lady Problems podcast so far. It’s not stuck on Hollywood lady problems or mental lady problems and there are just so many problems to choose from!!

In episode seven, the panel tackles birth control and depression and bullshit in a very enjoyable discussion.

At the end, they took a question from the Ladyphone Hotline. Samantha reported that her medical clinic has providers who use the term “baby-makers” when discussing patients. To clarify: they are not discussing male patients.

Anyhow, Samantha doesn’t know what to do about the use of that word at work and adorably, the groups’ suggestions ranged from burn down the village to find an all-female medical practice.

My advice is that Samantha should stop in on the most senior offender and gently say, “Hey… I have heard some of the providers use the term baby-maker about patients and I’m concerned that it might be considered demeaning and kind of contrary to the atmosphere of care that we’re aiming for. What should I do?”

That puts the responsibility where it belongs in a very ladylike fashion. If they fire her for that, she is better off.

Did I mention I was not a good HR Manager? Too many humans!!



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