Sure!! You can dance on anyone’s period as long as you feel up to it.

The idea of restricting activity for a little bleed is very quaint and kinda stupid. You can climb or swim or punch a punching bag. You may eat anything in your path and drink all the water you can find.

The important part isn’t so much what you do, but how aware you are of your personal normal. Some people get very weepy and weird and should not drive boats on their period.

photo4jeniferOthers experience no tears, but have barely contained rage and should not be cornered by children.

Most have some mild annoyance, like ear ringing or itching and can pretty much rule the world on their period just as well as at any other time.

If you have a fair amount of muscle cramping, dancing or yoga might be a therapeutic way to spend your time and it definitely beats huddling over an electric heating pad and groaning.

Then again, groaning may be your normal, so it’s really up to you.

Just keep in mind, whatever your normal is, that you are under a teensy bit more stress, so be kind to your body. Eat a little better and rest a little longer than you might otherwise.

If you are worried, talk it over with someone else. I would rather you didn’t use your sister’s method of wearing a trench coat every day. She worked it out eventually, but she was vaguely scary-emo in the meantime.

Take a vitamin and take your time. It’s yours anyway.



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