What’s wrong with “ghosting”?

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I’m always more impressed than I should be to hear moms talk about ghosting like it’s something that they grew up with – we totally did not grow up with ghosting. It’s a millennial method.

It used to be that when you dumped someone, you had to at least call them and tell them not to call you any more. Before phones, you would write a letter and tell the person that they would be seeing fewer letters from you.

Before letters, I’m pretty sure you still couldn’t just go poof and get away without explaining things. It is a hurty thing to just vanish from someone’s space and it should not be a routine practice.

Suppose you want to break up with a guy who is very adamantly insisting on watching a whole lot of seahorse porn with you. You should definitely tell him that that is the reason you don’t want to visit his garage any longer.

It doesn’t have to be an argument, it’s just a bit of information you should share from one human to another.


Seahorse Enthusiast may have no idea that his behavior is obnoxious and your rejection may be just the thing he needs to take stock of his misguided energy and change his predilections for the better. You would be doing a favor not only to S.E. but to any future people who would, thanks to you, be spared a real WTF moment.

Be polite and say what you need to say. Do it for the timid people of the future!!


p.s. yerdad is haranguing me about how I have ghosted, even though I say I have not ghosted. I maintain that I did not actually ghost. Besides, they know what they did!!


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