Jessica Who? (from the memory box)

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When you kids were little, I unplugged all of us from cable teevee. We also lived in a radio wasteland at the time; something about the topography near our house made all signals drown in static.

We just watched rented movies and listened to the recordings I already owned. I bought only two CDs in nearly two years;  one was Spoon and the other was Grandaddy.

We had zero current pop culture exposure during that time. Your little sister was content to watch the same recorded cartoons, but the rest of you kids learned to knit and paint and build things. We spent big chunks of each day at the playground or the pool. It was like a giant time-out from everything while I decided what we would do next. We had our own bunker lifestyle without the bunker.

When I eventually got back to work, the pop culture exposure started back up and it was very jarring. I could not understand how people were talking about seeing the same teevee show two nights in a row (American Idol) and I was semi-convinced that Jessica Simpson must be O.J.’s daughter.

She is not. I’m pretty sure.

5 Replies to “Jessica Who? (from the memory box)”

    1. I don’t blame you!! There are too many “notables” to note. I have enough trouble keeping track of my relatives and people I have actually met. Don’t you hate it when you introduce yourself to someone for the third time?

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      1. I don’t bother. Everyone knows who I am around here, I just fake it until I can escape, or remember them (or get a chance to ask himself ‘who they hell is that?’). I’ve been playing this online trivia game, and it keeps asking me about the show How I Met Your Mother… never seen it.

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