Your sister thought she knew, and recently she wrote a check to yerdad with the payee filled in with something cheeky like “The Master of All Television Remotes.”


The bank might take it, or they may not. The payee is supposed to be the person (or company) who is receiving the money, i.e. getting paid. I would hope that if he handed that check to a real, live bank teller, the teller would demand to see the identification of “Mr. Remotes” or the business ID number for “All Television Remotes, LLC.”

At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.

Anyway, checks haven’t changed since the last time I wrote about How can I give people money? and the basic instructions are still up for How to write a check on wikihow.

If you haven’t given your parents money lately, you have one excuse fewer as of right now.


2 Replies to “How do I write a check?”

  1. Not had to write a check or cheque as they are here in 11 years! I don’t miss them one bit. If I had to, I’d use one just to be annoying! But I did have to go to the bank recently to ‘pay in’ a cheque my dad sent me! Fair enough…I figured since I was already being annoying by lodging a cheque in USD into my Euro account, I’d bring all the change we’ve been hiding under the bed for 10 years. It was an amazing amount of money, and I only miscounted about 15 bags out of the 140 or so I brought in 🙂
    No crayon.

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    1. It’s very convenient to have a kid who collects foreign coins–you never have to wonder what to do with your Bahamian nickles. For extra fun, you might try asking them to change your coins to shillings and farthings. That should be hilarious!!


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