Borrowing requires asking and returning as its parentheses. You ask, you borrow, and then you return. See?

If you only “borrow” without the other two, it’s not really borrowing, it’s more like… stealing.

by Triker-Sticks on flickr cc

Would you be upset if you went looking for your lunch snacks only to discover that someone had “borrowed” them so that there were none?

What about your phone? Your shoes? Your lucky mitten?

It might help to consider how the “borrowee” would feel to lose the thing.

Have you ever loaned something and had it vanish forever? Would you ever loan that thing to anyone again? You would not, because that thing vanished, and since it is completely gone you can’t loan it to anyone, ever again.

Would you ever again loan anything of value to the person who vanished your stuff?

So… where are my scissors this time?


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