Spring is in the air, and so is Barry White

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My cell phone rang while I was driving home last night and I let it go to voicemail.

I listened to the message and then I listened again.

After that, I deleted the message and instantly regretted it.

Since I can’t share the message that was on my phone, which was apparently from the ghost of Barry White, I’ll transcribe it for you.

Get a baritone to read it, slowly, for the full effect.

Hey, baby…

Good mornin’…

(It was 7 p.m.)

Call me back, baby…


Thank you, baby…

The ghost of Barry White is very polite.

I wondered if there was an app that reads in his voice, but instead I found that the Barry White voice changer is very popular in Skype and he is being exhumed on twitter regularly.

This makes me so very happy!!

So, with that in mind, even though his music doesn’t exactly need to be on the “Stuff that Exists” page, He’s getting a couple of links here.

My Night in Vegas with Barry White and Just the Way You Are with “Walrus of Love” intro.


Yeah, baby…

Waddaya think?

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