Why are there so many bad drivers?

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Today’s re-tread Thursday feels like a good fit, mainly because I worried about turning little Rocket Man into a rocket every time I had to stomp the breaks this morning.

not actually Rocket Man, but an imposter pup, photo by cloneofsnake on flickr cc

My commute is short, but fraught with peril because of the density of terrible drivers. There are the veering texters, the oblivio-mobiles of doom and the cannot-spare-a-life-to-catch-this-light types all around.

How can this still be surprising? Dunno, but that’s why people get dash cameras: to marvel at the sea of stupid all over again.

So, if you haven’t read it, please visit What can I do about bad drivers?  from 2013.

It probably won’t help, but it will make you feel better, I bet.


4 Replies to “Why are there so many bad drivers?”

  1. I love driving. I scare people, sure. But it’s the slow feicers I’m scaring! The ones who brake on every slight curve in the road (heloooo, it’s Ireland – all the damn roads twist) or worse, brake when someone is coming the other way every.last.time. Like they are surprised each time that other cars might be on the road! I often quote a George Carlin skit, “We might have to die, but we gotta get AROUND this guy!”

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  2. Re: Impulse driving like backing up on exit ramps, swerving wildly…

    Hank did this taking me and Pat to DCA. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a time traveler. Then again, how do I know??

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