First, let me say that I really appreciate the paint job you gals did on the new room. I don’t want the following tutorial to take anything away from your heroic painting accomplishment.

After many years of having plastic spatulas disappear from the kitchen only to be chewed up by lawn mowers or by dogs, I really should have expected this to happen. Again.

not a bucket
a bucket?

There are few questions you can ask yourself to determine if a thing is a bucket.

Is it made of glass? If so, it is very likely NOT a bucket.

Would you put it on your head reluctantly? If so, it is possibly a bucket that has been used before.

Does it have at least one handle? Yes? Then it’s more likely a bucket.

Would it become very, very heavy if filled completely with rocks? That’s pretty bucket-ish.

Does it have wheels? It could still be a bucket with wheels.

Would you put your sister in it? It could be a bucket, even so.

Would you feel more comfortable putting a salad in it or a sponge? Take your time, because this is the best test on the bucket list.

I’ll keep it right there until you come home to clean it. No worries.


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