[Note to yerdad: this is the sort of post you detest. Just save time and skip it now. :)]

Having the X Files back has been interesting in a couple of ways. I didn’t realize I missed it, or that I’d missed part of its long story arc. I had somehow completely missed the part where Mulder and Scully had a baby and subsequently lost the same baby, by somehow being forced to put the baby into baby witness protection. Or something. Clearly, I napped through that part of the season. [Actually, I had a baby during that year, so there went my attention span.]

rockonphotos on flickr cc

Thinking on some other shows that have that same format of fantasy episode plus very long story arc, I’m seeing a pattern.

  • The very excellent Fringe, while it had a mystery of the week format also had a long story arc in which the magnetic leads eventually bred and lost their baby. They may have had multiple dimensions of baby loss, actually, I’m struggling with the multiple timelines and multiple realities in memory now.
  • The over-extended but somehow adorable Haven cut to the lost baby chase pretty early on, and even allowed the baby to grow up in some versions of its dimension before being lost again.
  • Grimm is a little off the pattern in that the title character had a baby with his back-up girlfriend, but she hasn’t lost that one yet. She did however lose track of the first magic baby she had with the prodigal prince of whateveritis. The cast is pretty crowded and there are too many baby possibilities, so I probably should exclude Grimm, if I were doing this right. Ha!
  • Les Revenants also has a pretty crowded cast, but I’d include them because the missing baby situation is ongoing and possibly critical, who knows? The really strange thing is that his parents have apparently forgotten to look for him during the finale of season two.
  • Back to X-Files, after minutes of research it seems that the baby was un-clearly conceived, possibly lab-created, and generally elaborately complicated, of course, but is still somehow the child of the two primary leads of the series. He was put in hiding with Mrs. Van De Kamp, presumably so that he could be hidden in delicious crispy batter.

Oddly there doesn’t appear to be a trope for this, or maybe I’m just really bad a locating tropes.

I’ll dub this trope: Lose Our Baby: We Are Not Paid Enough To Work With Baby Actors. 

So what am I forgetting or missing? I know there have to be more of those wandering babies…

Waddaya think?

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