Why did I think “pedestrian” was a curse word?

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It’s probably not that unusual for kids who hang out with the super-sarcastic crowd in grade school. If you ever came home crying about being called a shallow, pedestrian puddle gargler, I have no memory of it, however.

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It could be that pedestrian crossed in your mind with something genuinely nasty like pederast, in which case, I’m sorry I brought that up.

There are a lot a vaguely insulting words that start with ped-, it seems to me: pedagogue, pedant, pedunculate barnacle… Maybe that’s because ped- is “foot” and “child” and “earth”, so dealing with lowly stuff or at least things that are close to the ground.

In any case, your memory probably has a few other meandering terms that landed in the minor mistake pile, so remember: if you use the wrong word, just be sure to do it REAL LOUD!!


5 Replies to “Why did I think “pedestrian” was a curse word?”

    1. The guards? Are you okay? But, yeah, it’s a minor insult, like having pedestrian taste in bar food would mean that one is content with those cheesy french fries. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with that. I would totally jaywalk and eat those fries…


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