January isn’t magic for resolutions. What are some things you resolved to change that have stuck? Did any of them originate on New Year’s?

This sadly out-of-print calendar came complete with suggestive shots of Mormon moms’ and their muffin recipes

I resolved to walk 4 miles a day and, thanks to the puppy, my average is 4.16 for the past month.

I also resolved in July to blog most days and that has happened so far, for better or worse.

Why not resolve to pick something to work on every third Wednesday of each month? Things can get a nudge in a new direction any old time.

By the way, I did not resolve to start drawing and I’m still sort of appalled that that has developed. I didn’t see that one coming. If you kids didn’t shriek with joy when you saw my drawings, I would probably quit, so you might consider not encouraging me.

I could take up banjo instead!!


3 Replies to “Screw the January resolutions”

  1. “Hot Mormon Muffins” sounds much more suggestive than the real thing would be. Just saying. That and I can’t recall the last time I “shrieked with joy” over anything, alas. Thanks for your daily posts.


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