Can I put this CorningWare in the microwave?

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This question came up again. Happy New Year’s Nuking!!



Before you do, though, I want you to imagine asking this question to a time-travelling George Washington.

* not a microwave * not a microwave

CorningWare is made for cooking because it’s glass. You can actually put it in the oven, heat it on the stove or microwave it.
CorningWare will probably be safe to use in whatever the next cooking device will be.

With the tiniest bit of googling, I found a very detailed list of microwave dos and don’ts that includes a test for vessels that you might be uncertain about using in the microthing.

The simplest rule is glass is okay. The second rule is cover loosely.

There. Now you are microwave certified.

Remember that time your sister nuked a thermometer and got thumps and sparks?

Ah, science.

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