Why would Kim Kardashian eat her own placenta?

I had to think a minute about who the question refers to, not a member of some warlike space teevee species, but a person made famous by association with her mother, a performance artist and 80s icon. Her mom was also responsible for this video.


Why would anyone eat a placenta? All I ever wanted to eat after births was a cheeseburger. Had anyone tried to serve me a placenta, even with cheese, I would almost certainly have caused enough ruckus to get myself and my placenta arrested.

Please enjoy this lovely beach photo during this revolting topic. Thanks to rikpiks on flickr cc

The first problem I see for Kim is that it’s really not entirely her placenta. She would never have had it unless a baby needed it, so I think technically she should have to get the baby’s permission to do anything with the placenta. I would have the same opinion if the baby wanted to turn its placenta into a handbag, I’m pretty sure.

Dolphins do not engage in placentophagy, and since they are by far the most intelligent and polite mammals, it might do us good to emulate them and just let that debris go to the sharks or the scavengers.

It’s scary on many levels, but for Kim in particular there must be a worry about the freshness and composition of the organ. It may be nearly entirely plastic, so, ew.

Supposedly, a normal placenta has wonderful qualities and can help a new mother recover and have more complete moods, whateverthatis. At the same time, people have infinite skill in concocting “medicine” out of cobwebs and wishes, so I’m not convinced that there’s anything more going on than a placenta placebo.

The bottom line is that she can do what she wants, but how can she be certain it won’t bite back?



5 Replies to “Why would Kim Kardashian eat her own placenta?”

  1. Why would anyone? Why do I now know this? I can see burying it and planting a tree over it – one that will likely die way before the kid – but damn, people aren’t dogs. We don’t lick the baby clean, either. Barf!
    I guess it could be worse. I’ve heard of people making prints with the bloody thing. She could have sold those and made more money for plastic bits!

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    1. Ha!! From what I gleaned, it’s more silly than barbaric for this wave of moms. They have a service that swoops in and dries it and sprinkles it in capsules that they can then dub “happy pills.” Still…ew!!


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