Should I carry a gun… or a banana?

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A decision matrix.

high capacity banana by billywilt on flickr cc

gun: requires a license most everywhere

banana: requires no license for a single unit of banana

gun: can be brandished to ward off assailants

banana: can be brandished to baffle assailants

gun: can be thrown at attackers

banana: can also be thrown at attackers

gun: tastes like oil, (supposedly)

banana: tastes nothing like oil, unless soaked in oil

gun: cannot serve as an emergency snack (in other than the darkest metaphor)

banana: can serve as an emergency snack, loaded with potassium

gun: heavy and may require a holster

banana: not heavy, may require throwing away
other snacks in its proximity

gun: may suggest to others “you are not happy to see me”

banana: well, you know.

The choice is yours.


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