You don’t have to, but I will tell you why you should try in under 300 words. Have a seat!!

If they don’t now, when you get to college your professors will usually start by telling you what makes their subject most important.

This may irritate you because there is no way every subject can be most important. Even the logic that helps you recognize that all subjects cannot be the one subject you need is, itself, not the one subject you need to learn.

Right now, learning is the thing.

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Geometry will come up in your life – even if it’s only to help you calculate the volume of your sock drawer, but that is beside the point.

Your growing brain needs to exercise and when it’s learning math it’s working very differently than for music or language exercise.

The brain is not actually a muscle, of course, but I can’t think of a better simile, which may be precisely because I missed two weeks of geometry that one time.

The variety of subjects in school is important. If you only focus on art it will not make you a better artist…yet. The problem-solving and creativity (yes, even mathematical creativity) that you use for all your other classes will make you a better artist.

I know you sometimes think that school is designed to punish you and keep you busy. No doubt some of your teachers have days when they feel exactly that way for themselves.

Still, try to remember that there are millions of kids who get less than your paltry U.S. education.

They will possibly never solve a sock drawer, so try to be grateful for your opportunities, kiddo.

You can do this. All you need is time and patience and practice.


2 Replies to “Why do I have to learn geometry?”

  1. To really seal the deal, remind them that geometry was a part of the quadrivium: “The quadrivium consisted of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. These followed the preparatory work of the trivium made up of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. In turn, the quadrivium was considered preparatory work for the serious study of philosophy (sometimes called the “liberal art par excellence”)[6] and theology.” [Wikipedia, of course]

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