Now that an emoji has been selected word of the year–not even the word emoji but just one of the many shiny little pictures–it’s time to start our campaign to…

Make The Next Word of the Year… YER!!

Depending on where you google, yer is considered a variant of your or you’re which means it could save time and embarrassment while adding a swipe of vulgarian panache to your communications.

It can also represent you, here and an abbreviation for Yemeni rials (currency in Yemen).


So the sentence, “You and your Yemeni money need to do your banking here.” becomes:

Yer and yer YER need to do yer banking yer.

So versatile is our friend yer!!

When I started this site, I reserved the URL for about two bits, meanwhile, the haughtier option of was selling for $5000.

“YER KIDDING!!” you might exclaim, but no, kids. I kid you not.

Other examples of yer:

I have actually run out of steam before I ran out of examples. A painting by Ringo Starr? YER RIGHT!! A band in Colorado that’s raising money for its first recording? YER GOTTIT!!

So many worthy yers.

One of the ways to show you love language is to change it, so sprinkle some yer in yer speech today.

Yer’ll be glad yer did!!




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