‘Twas brillig!! Stuff you should know about that exists

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In the course of a few days, I realize that you guys

1: do not know who Tom Petty is and,

2: do not know of Jabberwocky.

So I’m constructing a new section for Stuff That Exists… for yooooou!!

tom petty hatterIn case you are too lazy to click on the links above, I will elaborate on why I think you should know about these two things. (Also the Tom Petty link is full of music, so just click it right here. Seriously).

Tom Petty’s music catalog is huge, and even if you don’t like his brand of American rock, anyone with ears should spend some time with his fabulous XM radio show Buried Treasure. Your sister and I listened to it all the way to college and back and learned all sorts of cool tidbits for cool people. (We will be cool any minute now).

Jabberwocky is a poem by Lewis Carroll, who will soon be vilified by your generation for being a drug addict and a bit of a creep. Even so, if I were ever to memorize a poem, that would be the one. Also it’s the reason people say galumphed.


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